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Girls Adult Learning Academy (GALA) is a program for women that have aspirations of  achieving their General Education Development (GED). We will provide small group weekly  tutoring sessions that focus on crafting individual academic goals as they prepare to take and  pass the test. We will also provide mock job interviews, business attire, and women in need.

We are mentoring GIRLs (15-18) on college and/or career readiness, how to navigate the world  as they come into adulthood. It is our goal to provide college tours, scholarships, access to  various careers that do not require college degrees. We will have professionals from different  fields come to speak to our GIRLs and give them their “keys to success.”

In 2019 there were 38 domestic violence-related shootings and 28  domestic violence-related homicides documented by the Chicago Police Department. Although  we cannot eliminate domestic violence alone, our goal is to provide support services and  empower women along the way to recovery. We will also offer temporary emergency  accommodations, monthly group meetings, and ongoing emotional support to women.

Our sisterhood program is specifically for GIRLs who want to network and build strong  relationships amongst women in our neighborhoods. GIRLs will come into our studio to have  open, honest, and healing conversations while uplifting one another on our journey through life,  together. We will have financial seminars, empowerment events, life guidance meetings, group  outings, and ultimately a space to exhale while leaving the weight of the world behind.

We all know that becoming a mother has never come with a handbook. Our Motherhood  program wants to help ease those everyday struggles by providing support and answering some  of those questions mothers face in everyday life. GIRL motherhood provides space for mothers  to join each other and share resources, valuable information, and support.

Girl fitness seeks to make women healthy from the inside out. We want our GIRLs to believe in  themselves, realize that health is wealth, and make them mentally and physically strong. We will  hold several group classes a week, personalized small group training cohorts, and a monthly free  class for senior citizens.

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